About MITP

Who are we? and What we Do?
MumbaiITPro User Group is an online technical community initiative for the IT Professionals. We are supported by Global IT Community Association (GITCA) and Microsoft Corporation. We provide a variety of ways to get answers to questions, solutions to problems, and share your own expertise. We promote every product that are technology related and support information by providing Online Help, Publishing Documents, Online Chats and Conduct Technical debates and exciting events for building technology awareness and support. MumbaiITPro does not only believe in sharing knowledge but also tries to make it exciting and conducts such fun activities. We are also listed in http://technet.microsoft.com/hi-in/default.aspx under communities in India.

What are Technical communities all about?

Technical communities provide opportunities to interact with experts, and your peers in order to share knowledge and news about related technologies.

What are Technology User Groups?

User groups are typically independently run, volunteer groups that meet in-person on a regular basis to discuss and share information on a variety of technical topics. Participation in a user group is an excellent, inexpensive way to receive technical content, education and to meet with your peers to get more out of the various platforms, products, technologies, and resources which you are interested in.

What is Mumbai IT Pro User Group, and who can join Mumbai IT Pro User Group?

We are a group of professionals dedicated to helping the users and administrators of Windows / any other technology products successful in their work, home and leisure environments through the sharing of ideas, best practices, information and research and development. The members of the group may be any individual from Developers, IT professionals, Product Experts, Business and IT decision makers, to home users.

Why join MumbaiITPro?
Following are the benefits of joining us:-

  • Monthly community conferences and events
  • Presentations by leading Microsoft and industry technical specialists
  • Special interest groups formed around important topics
  • Access to our group site for collaboration and resources
  • Technical discussion meetings
  • Hands-on experience
  • Free for all. We do not work with money or for money
  • Totally driven by passion to share knowledge of technology

When you give time to the MumbaiITPro User Group, you will get a great return on your involvement.

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Purpose of joining / volunteering a User Group:

  • Networking: Members can attend monthly community conferences and trainings which will be designed to establish and maintain personal connections among members.
  • Communications: Members can access and contribute to the MumbaiITPro UG site, that will promote ideas and best practices, and which will be the voice for the local Microsoft community. They will also have an official, interactive forum for communicating with other members. We also provide opportunities to interact with Microsoft employees, experts, and your peers in order to share knowledge and news about Microsoft products and related technologies.
  • Learning: The User Group organizes and sponsors both formal and informal technical presentations on aspects of Windows-related products. MumbaiITPro also creates special mentoring groups focused helping members for IT certifications (both MS and non-MS). It hosts special hands-on labs to be delivered during technical meetings. Now MumbaiITPro is also spreading its wings towards even 3rd Party product support that may be hardware / software and wish to be the best in all platforms. Example: Cisco, Symantec, Veritas, Oracle, SUN Microsystems and also Linux
  • Community Action: We create opportunities for our members to contribute their IT expertise to those who otherwise would not have access to good technology resources, such as other not-for-profits, schools, and community organizations.