Vision, Mission


To be one of the largest communities in India committed towards development and growth of IT Professionals through sharing technology, skills, and learning through building connections and developing a team of winners.



  • Conduct regular training programs and conferences
  • Be updated and share the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Build great connections between the IT Professionals, Microsoft, Partners, and Volunteers



  • Networking: Members can attend monthly community conferences and trainings which will be designed to establish and maintain personal connections among members.
  • Communications: Members can access and contribute to the MumbaiITPro UG site, that will promote ideas and best practices, and which will be the voice for the local Microsoft community. They will also have an official, interactive forum for communicating with other members. We will also provide opportunities to interact with Microsoft employees, experts, and your peers in order to share knowledge and news about Microsoft products and related technologies.
  • Learning: The User Group organizes and sponsors both formal and informal technical presentations on aspects of Windows-related products. MumbaiITPro also creates special mentoring groups focused helping members for IT certifications (both MS and non-MS). It hosts special hands- on labs to be delivered during technical meetings.
  • Community Action: We will create opportunities for our members to contribute their IT expertise to those who otherwise would not have access to good technology resources, such as other not-for-profits, schools, and community organizations.