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Get 50% Discount for Microsoft Tech.Ed India 2013 – Bengaluru and Pune

Tech Ed India 2013

We have 50% discount on entry passes to offer for Microsoft Tech.Ed India 2013 in both Bengaluru and Pune. Email us on for more details. Microsoft TechEd India 2013 is the best way to stay aligned with Microsoft’s current technologies and product releases. Benefit from a gamut of learning opportunities through numerous sessions, hands-on [...]

Re-Venturing the Cloud !

CLOUD – what do IT people think of it when we hear about it? A concept which many might have heard, some may know a little bit about it, but only a few know in depth. That is why due to popular demand Mumbai It Pro had come up with a brilliant idea to set [...]

My Experience on 2 Days Server Virtualization Certification Program, June 2012

For IT Professionals MumbaiITPro is back with series of events. In their implementation phase they conducted an event for Microsoft Windows server 2008 Virtualization on 2nd & 3rd May of 2012,  a 2 day event for IT Pros working on the admin side of the Windows Server 2008 R2 (Virtualization). Lead speakers for this event [...]

Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate

Just in case you did not hear the news, Microsoft announced the availability of the Release Candidate for Windows Server 2012 for customers to download and evaluate. For more information on Microsoft’s cloud-optimized OS please visit the Window Server blog. After looking at the announcement, here are several key benefits that are being discussed as [...]

Join Microsoft Virtual Academy


Improve your IT skill set and help advance your career with a free, easy to access training portal. Learn at your own pace, focusing on Microsoft technologies, gain points and get recognition. The Microsoft Virtual Academy is a program for IT Pros to gain access to free self-paced training resources. Using combinations of Video and [...]

Tech Ed Journey India 2012


Last second weekend March 2012 was fun, exciting, familiar with Mumbai IT Pro User Group Team Ashwin, Cyril, Shabbir and Bharat at Microsoft Tech-Ed India 2012, The Lalit Ashok – Bengaluru. This was the first time…  I was invited for Microsoft Tech-Ed India, for which I am grateful to Mumbai IT Pro User Group and [...]

Register for Microsoft India Tech Ed 2012 Bengaluru

Microsoft invites you to TechEd India 2012, at the LaLiT Ashok Hotel, Bengaluru, India. Welcome to the largest technology event in India – Microsoft TechEd India 2012. Register now to attend the conference for hands-on learning, deep product exploration and opportunities to connect with industry and Microsoft experts one-to-one. We are excited to be back [...]

Insight and Experience – 2 days Server Virtualization certification program

How many of us ever thought of getting certified on the technologies that we work on daily or on the technologies that we ever wished to worked on. Technologies catering to multi-domain areas,  covering both verticals – development to IT-PRO. One such oppurtunity was provided by our very own MumbaiITPro Usergroup to all the technology [...]

Virtualization certification resources

Every IT professional has some of the most commonly asked questions with reference to certifications which may be (not limited to) as follows:- Do I really need a IT certification in addition to the university degree? What is the value of an IT Certification in the IT industry? I am not an IT graduate, does [...]

Understanding Cloud Computing – My Experience / FeedBack for the Event

Hi Fellas, Would again like to share my experience and walk-through of the yet another successful event conducted by MITP this season.Must say, inspired by India’s First F1 race held at BIC ( Buddha International Circuit) this year; Yes! MITP is back with a BANG!!! We are back again on track after a short pit-stop [...]