Re-Venturing the Cloud !

Posted by   On June 9th, 2012

CLOUD – what do IT people think of it when we hear about it? A concept which many might have heard, some may know a little bit about it, but only a few know in depth. That is why due to popular demand Mumbai It Pro had come up with a brilliant idea to set up a session on Understanding Cloud Computing (once again) as an introductory part of the two days training on the Microsoft Paper 70:659, TS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization taken up by Mr. Shabbir Ahmed & Mr Bharat Gupta.

Although I had attended the previous session on Cloud Computing by Mr Shabbir Ahmed aka Shabbir Bhai, I was still in some doubt related to some of the concepts regarding this growing terminology. They were all cleared when I was present at this session taken by Shabbir Bhai. The same concepts introduced in a new way and delivered with excellence.


The first question was obvious: What is Cloud Computiong????

An easy question now for those who were present, but a tough nut to crack for many others. A question that might seem easy to think about but very difficult to explain. He explained it in a very concise manner that even a layman would understand it without any difficulty. Several other topics covered were the characteristics, service models and the deployment models of Cloud Computing. The service models include IAAS, PAAS, SAAS while deployment include the public, private, community and hybrid models. Along with the in depth details about cloud Shabbir Bhai also explained the pros and cons of implementing Cloud Computing. These were explained from the perspective of a CEO and a CTO of any organization.

We all might describe the Cloud in different terms according to its application in our field. The roles played by the Cloud in our environment may be different as well, but in unison it is simply reshaping the relationship between the supplier and the consumer, and hence goes with a very rightful definition: ‘Cloud Computing is just a new way of delivering and utilizing IT resources, and not a new Technology’.

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