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Posted by   On December 5th, 2011

Every IT professional has some of the most commonly asked questions with reference to certifications which may be (not limited to) as follows:-

  • Do I really need a IT certification in addition to the university degree?
  • What is the value of an IT Certification in the IT industry?
  • I am not an IT graduate, does IT certification help?
  • Why not only do a training course?

Further to the new Get Certified initiative by the volunteers of MumbaiITPro, we have a collection of resources from Microsoft that will help with a

Though you get several other options to find your answer, here are some important ones with reference to this certification program:-

Do you really need to get certified in Virtualization technology?

Virtualization saves your IT department money and improves your business continuity—but to get the most value, you need an IT staff with the right skills.

In order to climb the chart in your organization, you need to have a clear defined approach to your certifications. Here is the Microsoft Virtualization Certification Path Roadmap and an overview on the Microsoft Virtualization Certification Overview.

Why specifically Microsoft over any other technologies? Find here.

Getting certified has its own benefits, and certainly for the employers.

So how do you get started being certified as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and what is it all about?

Understand the exam policies and for every query, get answers here.

Do you have more resources worth sharing? Do let us know in the comments or on the forum.

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